Scenario Based Self Defence Training

Joana had no previous background in martial arts but her progress in Krav Maga was straightforward and fast. Her focus was on building up her confidence and sense of security as well as increasing her situational awareness.

As Joana says : “I started practicing because I wanted to learn something useful while doing some fitness and couldn’t be happier about the choice I made.

Because I like it so much and because of the importance I believe Krav maga has on my life I decided to do the Instructors course. Thanks to my instructor’s help and motivation, I did the course and qualified as an Instructor after my green belt exam in 2016 with a good feedback from my colleagues and teachers.

As a woman I can say that the most important thing I have learned is how to adapt myself in a difficult situation – the choices I must do to prevent a difficult situation and the choices I must take if I ever find myself in a dangerous scenario.

I have learned that accepting that I am not as tall or as strong as a man and that I should use technique as my advantage will eventually help me more than going into an unfair game of strength with an aggressor.”